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Photography Location

There are plenty of aspects of professional photography that non-photographers take for granted. Whether it’s the extensive post-shoot editing, the time it takes the frame the perfect shot, or the sheer amount of equipment it can take to highlight a model, there is always something that viewers of your photography might not be thinking about. One of those things is the location.

For modeling shots, whether they are personal or commercial, you want backdrops and scenery that makes sense for the feel of the shoot. You can always be creative with what you have access to. But finding the perfect location is an essential task of being a photographer.

  • Our horses, with or without the riding tack, are available for private or commercial modeling and film work.

  • Our horses have worked in a variety of shoots and locations 

  • Treat yourself or a loved one to a photo shoot with one of our beautiful horses to create a truly captivating image for you to treasure.

  • We work closely with a number of fashion, wedding and specialist animal photographers but are equally happy to work with a photographer of your choice.

  • We do portfolio shoots, pre-wedding shoots, product shoots and others basic shoots based on your requirements.

  • The price for the shoots can vary depending on duration, location and the numbers horses required.

  • Venue- An Arena, Stable area, bush lands, mountain rock or a forest area.

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